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Minneapolis, MN, 55406


CEDAR AND STONE | Canvas and leather durable goods handmade in Minneapolis, MN



Cedar and Stone - Durable Canvas and Leather Goods Handmade in Minneapolis, MN



Living life adventurously often involves pushing limits, both mentally and physically.

While I would love to promise that all Cedar & Stone durable goods will never break or wear, we all know that life happens. 

Because I personally make each bag from start to finish with love and a tight attention to detail and durability, I can proudly stand behind my work and gear with a LIFETIME WARRANTY.

This guarantee covers the construction and hardware used in all of the gear I make. 

This includes:



  • Sewing
  • Riveting


  • Metal Buckles
  • Zippers
  • D-Rings, O-Rings, Metal Sliders
  • Studs
  • Snaps
  • Metal Hooks and Pannier Hooks

If any of these do indeed break or become compromised, return the product (click here to contact me about returning it) and I will help it get back down the road of adventuring. 

While I encourage you to push your boundaries in life's adventures - and understand that sometimes this involves extremes of environments, situations and  - I sadly cannot guarantee my work and gear against common wear and tear, nor can I guarantee extreme wear and tear due to extreme situations, such as:

  • Setting your gear on fire, or throwing gear over a high, scraggly cliff.
  • Testing the durability of any Cedar & Stone goods against the teeth and/or claws of wild animals such as wolves, bears, jaguars, squirrels or sharks.

If your gear should happen to face an unfortunate situation similar to one of those above, I would happily inspect it and see what we can do, assuming there is anything left of it....

With all of that said, go forth confidently!


Luke Borkenhagen,

Cedar & Stone