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Minneapolis, MN, 55406


CEDAR AND STONE | Canvas and leather durable goods handmade in Minneapolis, MN


Cedar and Stone - Durable Canvas and Leather Goods Handmade in Minneapolis, MN

Photo by  Tj Turner

Photo by Tj Turner

Fostered by 20+ years of outdoor adventures and a love of durable gear, I started Cedar & Stone in 2012 as a personal challenge to design, make and share canvas and leather goods that balance form, function and durability. 

This passion began at an early age with a love for everything gear and outdoor adventures. Since the age of five I've taken at least one trip a year to the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness in northern Minnesota, where I found an appreciation for wild places and a need for tough gear. It was a desire to design and make a custom canoe pack that first planted the seed that eventually grew to become Cedar & Stone.



  • to handcraft unique, durable goods that last a lifetime, and to stand behind principles of sustainability and the durability of my gear with a lifetime guarantee. Because I make each bag one at a time, and because of the attention to detail and the use of time-tested materials and processes, I can confidently stand behind this guarantee. Read more about the guarantee here
  • While it's a challenge trying to reinvent the wheel, I strive to push the boundaries of design, function, and durability. 
  • To create gear that is equally functional both in the wild and urban landscapes.
  • To share my products with others to help them carry what they need on the adventures they find.


The ideas and efforts that have become Cedar & Stone - like the connection of gnarly, old cedar roots clinging to and thriving off of the hard, glacial and ancient rocks of the Canadian Shield terrain of northern Minnesota - have been forged through years of long nights of designing and sewing, more mistakes than one would care to admit to, a few smashed fingers, and more importantly a deep passion for designing and hand crafting canvas and leather gear to share with others as they adventure through life.






Each bag is handcrafted, one at a time with intention, care and a high standard for quality. From initial sketches to final quality control, I have complete control of process and quality. 

Apart from the machine-sewn seams, every component and process is done manually:

  • All leather and canvas are cut by hand, even down to the leather rivet backing pieces. Lots, of work, but the devil is in the details.
  • All leather pieces are burnished for a durable, smooth, and beautiful edge.
  • Each solid copper rivet is hand hammered individually.
  • The ends of thread melted together to ensure a solid seam.
  • Stress points are double or triple stitched to ensure maximum strength.

Each bag has been designed from scratch, with careful consideration of proportion, function, aesthetics, and most importantly, durability. No fluff, no waste. 




I use only time tested materials and techniques. All materials are sourced in the U.S.A., and most are made here as well. With few exceptions, no materials used contain petroleum-based chemicals. I will be adding a section soon that will help guide you through how to clean and maintain your canvas and leather goods. For now I'll just say this: DO NOT wash any bags in a washing machine, instead spot clean with household dish soap. 



I use 15 and 18 oz. canvas duck (tighter weave than twill canvas) that has been sourced from a company that has dyed canvas since 1838. The history of canvas - and it's impact on how humans have carried throughout our history - is quite an interesting read, which you can peruse here

I usually have around 10 colors available, so if you don't see a color you like in the shop, connect with me here.

I offer waxed canvas on some of my products. I've been experimenting with various waxes and have come up with a perfect blend that greatly aids in water repellency. I hand wax each piece of canvas used in a bag with this handmade wax mixture of beeswax, pure organic lanolin oil and a few other essential (and secret) ingredients. 

Please note: as the description implies, wax is waxy. Some may not like this waxy feel, and minimal amounts can rub off onto clothing on hot days (although no colors seep with it). Over time the wax will wear into the fabric, and eventually will need to be reapplied to keep it water repellent. 


LEATHER: All leather is sourced from two tanneries in the U.S.A., harvested from dairy and meat cows. 


RIVETS: I use American made solid, copper rivets on all of my bags, the most secure form of rivets to be found. 


THREAD: American made polyester thread is more expensive than nylon, but stands the test of time and elements better.


HARDWARE: All hardware is made in America and antique finished solid brass.



I couldn't have done this on my own. Thanks to everyone who has put their faith in my efforts and in my gear. Without trusting friends who've purchased, tested and given great feedback on my gear I wouldn't be where I am today. To my beautiful and amazing wife, thank you for putting up me these last few years as I build on this dream, and thank you for helping cut straps and dream up new bag designs. To our shop dog Chloe, thanks for keeping me company in our cold basement and for being a great dog harness tester. To my folks, thanks for your steadfast encouragement and support. To all of you who have purchased a bag, thank you for your purchase and support!

Now go forth, find a dirt road and an adventure!


Luke Borkenhagen